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Personal Injury Marketing Services


  1. USAccident Services: Accident Report Delivery Services that deliver official police crash reports to auto accident victims, upon their request. Accident victims must agree to the guidelines of the website and understand they will be contacted by a professional about their legal and or medical needs. Our services are available to professionals via an exclusive annual License Agreement. Own and operate your own auto accident lead generating service. (Both attorneys and chiropractors may participate in this program. Services are exclusive and generate 100% auto accident leads.)

    U.S. Accident Shield

  2. NEWS/Fatality Services: Become a part of the online NEWS coverage related to auto, boat and plane fatalities. This is accomplished via the "Attorney's Comments" section, strategically placed just below news stories about fatal accidents in your state. (Service participation is for wrongful death attorneys and is typically limited to three per state. Services generate wrongful death inquiries that contact you by phone.)

    News Fatality Logo

  3. OKaccident.com: This website acts as a "Focal Point" for an auto accident recovery co-op. The co-op includes attorneys, physicians, auto repair and rental car services. These professionals own the exclusive rights to their zip codes and the website displays the appropriate member's information according to the user's zip code. (Okaccident also includes the USAccident Services and distributes leads accordingly, via email. Our co-op members pool their marketing dollars and enjoy a 100/1 value on their marketing within their zip code.)

    OKAccident.com Logo

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